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11 Sep 2012
Most of us experience moving to new homes for some of us it's painful while for others it's fun. Moving to new homes is such a great experience if you just do it the right way (actually my way). Here in this article I'm gonna show you how to arrange every thing before & after you move , so your moving becomes easy and fun.It's really important to know everything about the new area you're going to Like schools,hospitals,medical centers, laundries, restaurants …. etc , all this is really gonna help you feel safe & simply feel home ! Arranging your stuff piece by piece each in the right suitable box Bring as much boxes as you can name each with a permanent marker each box/es for each room for example : some for the kitchen, & even those of the kitchen divide them & name them suitably like: Chinese dishes box, everyday dishes box,spoons,forks,knives box...& so on , bathroom boxes bedroom boxes …. etc . But just don't forget to name them or else you'll get lost in your new home & all this effort you've done will be really useless . Before the furniture arrives cleanup the new home carefully Cleaning now is way easier and really important before the furniture arrives, as it's really essential that you clean the floor,walls,and corners before you put your furniture of course it's better & easier to put them after cleaning not before it . Now and after all of your furniture and stuff finally arrived in the new home New homes mean new furniture arrangement, try to be creative to arrange your new bought or your even old furniture, every home differs in the style & the design from the other, try to make the furniture look fitting in the new home, & if you hadn't got that talent you better watch some furniture & interior design magazines for best inspirations . Cheer up you're almost done Get every thing back in place accurately, actually some of us prefer putting everything back the way it was in the old home as this makes it easier to find things you use & make you feel familiar with the new home & this absolutely makes you feel comfortable as well, while others who are in love with ( change ) prefer changing things places so they can feel that great change they made in their life , so it depends on the kind of person you are what really matters is what makes you feel happy & comfy . Now & you're finally done … congrats you're really great you simply did it Now it's time to relax yeah it's time to invite those dear people whom you really love sharing those great moments with, have fun & enjoy your new lovely home. So in case you have to move to a new house but you didn't find the proper one yet , You can check from these various properties for sale . And if you wanna get rid of your old useless stuff you can sell them by posting a free classified ad & remember whatever is useless for you is really useful for others.


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